Welcome to the home page of the "ATASCOSA PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS" we are based out of Atascoa County in Jourdanton, Texas.   We are a non profit organization we do not charge for our services.  We will never ask or require a donation for our investigations,  it is strictly on a voluntary basis only.  All donations go directly into the group to help with the purchase of new equipment, research and development in new technologies, travel cost, and most importantly, so we can continue to help families in need.


We are a paranormal research group, our primary purpose is to help those that are experiencing unexplained and unusual paranormal phenomenon.  It is our passion that allows us to pursue the paranormal world, and not for personal profit.   Most of our team members has had personal experiences with the paranormal and wanted answers.  We carry liability insurance to insure our client peace of mind. 


We prioritize our cases by severity.  If there are childern involved in the cases or the possibility of physical or mental harm we will put that case on top of the list.  We use electronic equipment such as still and video cameras, digital recorders, motion sensors, etc.  There can be many explanations for paranormal events besides spirit activity.  Such as high levels of EMF (Electromagnetic Fields),  drugs or alcohol, mental illness, weather events such as lighting phenomenon.  There are also real unexplained paranormal events that occur and in these situations people that are exposed to the activity are often frightened , concerned and usually feel helpless and alone and don't know who to turn to.  In this sistuation is when we step in and try to bring comfort and help with the paranormal phenomenon they are experiencing.  We will determine if it is genuinely paranormal or not, and assist the client in researching options they have such as counseling, education, research of the type of help they are needing.


We can be contacted by E-mail, telephone, or by mail.  Once we have received a request you will be contacted and perform a basic interview over the phone.  You will be asked to provide details of the paranormal phenomenon you are experiencing.  The interviewer will also ask the client a series of questions that may include divulging some personal information including but not limited to any current or past psychological problems, drug or alcohol usage.


All information is kept CONFIDENTIAL!   We do not release nor discuss personal information outside of API.  We never publish names, locations, or reports unless specific permission are given by the client or property owner.  We have consents the client signs before we start any investigation.


If you feel that your house or facility is haunted or you have some paranormal phenomenon occurring in your home, work place, or wherever it may be please contact us.  We can be reached at paranormal.api.atascosa@gmail.com or click on Contact Us to find other methods of reaching us. 













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